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A Speed Mentoring Luncheon for Young Men


BIA is looking for a few male volunteers to join us for the afternoon to speak with some youth/teens of the DMV. 

The goal of this luncheon is to provide an opportunity for some young men to pick your brain about career trends, the current job market, how to stay motivated and how best to prepare for the real world, and so much more.

This event is entitled “KING I AM.” A speed mentoring luncheon is set up similarly to speed dating. Youth attendees will spend approximately 10-15 minutes with you, then collectively migrate tables to spend time with another mentor. This will promote personal connection with local you and networking with their peers.

We know there are great men in our communities that are best prepared to share this information with our young men in the DMV.

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Saturday, June 24 @ 12 pm
RCG Ministries
616 56th Street, NE Washington, DC

Mentor Register Here

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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