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Hey, Beautiful!

Welcome to Beautiful I Am, Inc
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Who is BIA?

Beautiful I Am (BIA) is a community organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting women and girls in Prince George's County and Washington, D.C. BIA provides access to resources and support services, including counseling, to create a nurturing environment conducive to growth. 


"I found a place where I can be my authentic self, with out feeling judged. BIA have taught me that I am one of a kind and my voice matters "
~ 3-year participant
"BIA came into our life at a time we were struggling to survive. With their help I was able to gain skills that allowed me to secure a job and get my family back on track"
~ 8-year participant
"I enrolled my daughter into BIAs Little Ladies Book Club to help with her reading levels. Not only did her reading skills increase, she gained a new level of confidence within herself. I am so grateful for all the BIA does in our community"
~ 5-year participant
We are changing our community, one person at a time
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