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Outreach in the community helps foster connections and build stronger bonds among individuals and diverse groups.


Outreach initiatives have the power to bring about positive change in various aspects of the community, such as education, health, environment, and social issues.


Engaging in outreach activities provides valuable opportunities for personal growth and development.


Outreach allows you to gain firsthand experiences and insights into the lives and struggles of others. 

Beautiful I Am, is where outreach ignites transformation and empowers hearts. With each act of kindness, we illuminate the world, creating ripples of change that touch lives beyond measure. Let us embrace the power within us to uplift others, for in their growth, we find our own purpose and fulfillment. Together, we can rewrite narratives, shatter barriers, and cultivate a legacy of compassion and unity. 


of girls said they learned critical life skills


"Beautiful I Am, Inc. creates real change by giving women of all ages the tools and support they need to overcome life's challenges, reach their dreams, and do well in their careers through our structured programs."


of parents said their daughter benefited greatly from the program.


of community partners would partner with us again 

Beautiful I Am: Igniting Transformation

The Blossom of Hope" outreach initiative is where we celebrate the strength and resilience of mothers who have lost a child. Nominated by our caring community, these exceptional women receive a thoughtful "Basket of Love" on Mother's Day, symbolizing our compassion and support. But our commitment doesn't end there; throughout the year, we provide ongoing emotional support, creating a network of care to help them on their healing journey. 

'Voices of Beauty and Courage: Uniting Against Domestic Violence" summit is a transformative event that brings together women and teens from all walks of life to unite against domestic violence, celebrating the profound courage and resilience found within survivors. Through inspiring keynote speakers, impactful workshops, and heartfelt stories of triumph, the summit seeks to shed light on the beauty that lies within each individual's strength. 

Through Annual Outreach Efforts

"The King I Am" Mentoring Speed Brunch is a unique and transformative event designed to inspire and empower young men to recognize and embrace their inner kings. Hosted with utmost care and dedication, this special brunch provides an opportunity for mentorship, growth, and camaraderie. Throughout the event, experienced mentors will engage in one-on-one speed mentoring sessions with participants, offering guidance, support, and valuable life lessons. 

"Amazing Mom's Thanksgiving Give Back," where we come together to show gratitude and support to single mothers in our community. This event is a celebration of the extraordinary efforts single mothers put forth to nurture and provide for their families. By giving back, we hope to bring smiles to their faces and alleviate some of the burdens they may face during this time. 

Our "Beauty In Me" end-of-the-year fundraising gala is a special event that aims to raise funds for our upcoming year's programs, ensuring that they remain accessible to everyone free of charge. Through captivating performances, inspiring speeches, and heartwarming stories of personal growth and empowerment, we celebrate the unique beauty within each individual. Your support and contributions will directly impact our ability to provide transformative programs that nurture self­discovery, personal development, and empowerment 

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