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Why Volunteer with BIA 

Beautiful I Am relies heavily on its volunteers because they contribute enthusiasm, expertise, and commitment to the cause of advancing gender equality. Mentoring, program facilitation, event organizing, and outreach are just a few of the many ways in which they contribute to Beautiful I Am and its mission. Volunteers are essential in any community because they set the tone for a supportive atmosphere, provide positive examples to follow, and spark the imaginations of those around them.

Different Ways to Volunteer

There are several ways you can volunteer with Beautiful I Am, depending on your interests, skills, and availability. Here are some examples:

Join a Committee at Beautiful I Am and Make a Difference

At Beautiful I Am, we believe in the power of collective action to make a significant impact on the lives of women and girls. Our committees play an essential role in driving our mission forward, and we invite you to lend your skills, passion, and expertise by joining one of them:

Program Committee 

The Program Committee of Beautiful I Am is responsible for planning and carrying out all of the events and workshops that the organization hosts. The members of the committee work together to create a stimulating agenda, recruit interesting speakers and facilitators, and guarantee that the attendees have life-changing experiences.

Event and Fund Development Committee 

The Event and Fund Development Committee oversees the organization and execution of all fundraising and donor appreciation activities. Members of the committee collaborate to plan and execute successful fundraising events, attract corporate sponsorships, and strengthen the organization's financial footing.

Business Operations Committee 

The Business Operations Committee ensures that Beautiful I Am runs efficiently behind the scenes. Members of the committee help with things like data management, communications, and technology to improve the organization's efficiency and effectiveness.

Outreach and Community Engagement

This group is crucial in getting the word out about Beautiful I Am and fostering community involvement. Through the efforts of the committee, the organization's mission may be disseminated to a wider audience, and more women and girls can be given the tools they need to become leaders in their communities.

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