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Tamika Williams, the Founder and Executive Director of Beautiful I Am Organization, is a firm believer that, “We can see the impossible become possible with hard work, support, and endurance,” It is with this thought in mind that she has become an advocate for the educational, health and welfare of girls and women worldwide.

        “BEAUTIFUL I AM” was developed by Ms. Williams as a response to the exposure of negative images and environments impacting the futures of our young girls and women. The metropolitan area of Maryland and Washington, DC is full of self-conscience girls and women, who are searching for love, acceptance, and are going to extreme measure to achieve it. At a young age, Ms. Williams became aware of this sobering reality and she knew that she had to take immediate and effective action to help.


        Ms. Williams understands what many women endure when facing a society’s definition of beauty and success. For years, she struggled with low self-esteem, negative body image, and adversities. Instead of succumbing to these obstacles in her life, she used it as her driving force to overcome them and achieve her goal. With an abundance of support, encouragement and guidance, Ms. Williams was able to break the bondage of low self-esteem, and help other women in the process. She was able to turn her life experience into an initiative to see other women and girls to overcome and achieve success in their life. It’s this passion that drives her to continue to advocate, work hard and lend a helping hand to girls and women in need all around. 

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Founder/Executive Director

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